Ferrum Wins 2017 Annual Crooked Road Classic

by AnnGardner Eubank

The Black Hats started their season strong with a nail-biting finish in the annual Crooked Road Classic, beating panther-rivals the Wasps at Emory and Henry on September 2. After a rough start, Ferrum managed to steal the lead just in the nick of time.

“The game was close, closer than where we wanted to be,” sophomore receiver Ne’ Shaun Gill said. “It was raining, cold, and we were going against our rival. We were on their turf, but we came to win. We were losing and came back with the win.”

The Panthers were trailing 8-6 in the fourth quarter with only three minutes and 20 seconds left on the time clock. After being forced to punt, the Black Hats managed to get the ball from the Wasps and run it for five yards. Several plays later with just 37 seconds left, junior wide receiver Johnny White received the ball to secure the 13-8 win over Emory and Henry.

Sophomore standout Brian Mann, a running back for the Panthers, is excited to see what the team will be able to accomplish in the rest of their season. “We look forward to giving 110% in the remaining games and to try to execute to the best of our ability,” Mann said. “If we can do that, at the end of our season, we will be able to look back on it and be proud of what we’ve accomplished.”

Ferrum kept the momentum rolling with a 40-20 win over Apprentice on September 9, giving them a 2-0 record. Unfortunately, the Black Hats could not keep the winning streak alive, falling to Averett University on September 16 with a score of 19-7.

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