Ferrum Makes It Into ODAC- Old Dominion Athletic Conference

by AnnGardner Eubank

This past summer, Ferrum College announced that the school would be moving from the USA South Athletic Conference to the Old Dominion Athletic Conference, commonly known as the ODAC. USA South serves nineteen different colleges and universities in the southern part of the East Coast, ranging from schools in Virginia to Georgia. The ODAC, however, is comprised of all Virginia schools except Guilford College. Students and coaches alike are excited for the change, which will begin in the Fall of 2018.

Head Coach of Women’s Volleyball at Ferrum, Ruthanne Duffy, thinks the move to the ODAC is a milestone for the college and a huge stepping stone for the volleyball team. “Moving to the ODAC will help us progress and grow as a program. The ODAC has a reputation for being competitive, so it will be a good challenge for us to grow as a team.” Duffy, who has been the head of the program since 2012, says that the switch in conferences puts student athletes first in regards to time management, making way for less hectic and strenuous travel. Duffy is excited for the change as well. “The USA South is another tough conference to compete in, but it can also be difficult to recruit Virginia kids in such a spread out conference.” Athletes are looking forward to the transition as well. Athletes will be able to look forward to easier travel schedules that will ultimately help save athletic programs money and will also aid in time management issues that the extreme travel in the USA South imposed.

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