Haley Overstreet: The First To Score In Three Sports

by Graceanne Gershner

Senior Haley Overstreet achieved a huge college milestone this October. Overstreet is Ferrum’s first athlete, men or women, to score goals in three sports; soccer, lacrosse, and field hockey. When speaking to her about her experience Overstreet said, “I never saw myself coming to Ferrum and playing three sports.” Overstreet transferred to Ferrum from Patrick Henry Community College specifically to play soccer here; then lacrosse was on the horizon for her.

Coach Karen Harvey originally approached Overstreet about playing for her team, but Overstreet was on the fence about it. She said, “I thought really hard about whether I wanted to play or not, but then I thought opportunities like that don’t come too often. I took advantage of the opportunity.” Overstreet decided to pick up the sport and had a successful season. She scored 14 goals and had 17 assists, racking up a total of 31 points in her first season.

Overstreet then made her field hockey debut for Coach Carrie Austin. Overstreet said, “This was another opportunity that I saw the need to take advantage of. Coach Carrie approached me and asked me to play, so I did.” Overstreet completed the milestone at home against Hendrix College. She scored the game winning goal in double overtime.

Overstreet said that Gary Holden had briefly mentioned the potential milestone to her not too soon before the double overtime win. She said, “It wasn’t something I really thought about that much, it just kind of happened.” Overstreet was very humble about the milestone and said, “I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the support of my teammates and coaches. If they didn’t push me and see my potential then I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish this milestone.”

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