Alumni Spotlight: Julianne Bove

By Graceanne Gershner

Julianne Bove, recent Ferrum College graduate and New York Native, currently resides in Raleigh, North Carolina.

“Being eight and a half hours away from home for four years at Ferrum made this transition much easier for me,” Bove said. “When I moved to Raleigh it was like I was going back to school again.” Although Bove will always love the city, her years at Ferrum taught her to appreciate a quieter lifestyle.

“I will always love the city and the fast paced environment, but going to Ferrum pushed me to enjoy an environment that was way out of my comfort zone,” Bove said. She also mentioned that she was disappointed because she doesn’t know any other New York fans to cheer at hockey, baseball, or basketball games with her.

Bove’s career is looking bright and vivid; She works at Enterprise Rent-A-Car and is now working her way up to a managerial position within the next five months. Enterprise is a sponsor of NCAA athletes geared towards hiring college players.

“It really is weird going to work every day now instead of going to school,” Bove said. “But I really enjoy working there. Almost everyone I know played college sports so I always find that we get sidetracked sometimes and reminisce about our games and practices together.”

The first team all-conference and first team all-state honoree finished her senior season with 66 goals and 17 assists, racking up a total of 83. Bove continues to embrace her lacrosse skills during her post-grad career; outside of her job, she spends her free time on the weekends coaching a local youth league in her community.

“It is really nice to be able to continue working with the sport that I love,” Bove said. “A lot of the time most college athletes are finished with their sport after graduation, but I definitely got lucky.”

And as far as keeping up at home, Bove jokes, “My mom still calls me every single day to check up on me. I never miss out on anything from home. She even puts the dogs on FaceTime. She still fills me in on everything that is happening in my younger brother Tom’s life, even though I talk to him constantly. I get a call at least once a week from her yelling “Did you hear what Thomas did?”. Bove said, “I definitely miss home, but I think I’ve found my place in Raleigh”.

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